Vinegar and chloroplasty to remove unpleasant odors from the washing machine

Vinegar and chloroplasty to remove unpleasant odors from the washing machine

The unpleasant odors that are stuck inside the washing machine may be transferred to clothing. Note that it is preferable to rinse the stain-stained clothes manually before placing them in the washing machine. In this context, we offer two housekeeping methods that are used to clean the washing machine, to get rid of undesirable smells inside:

The first method is to use vinegar to clean the washing machine, as it is a natural ingredient and safe to wash clothes. In this context, the empty washing machine is filled with hot water, about one gallon of white vinegar is added to it, and water and vinegar are left in the washing machine for about an hour. Then, run the wash cycle as usual, and repeat the process if necessary.
The second method is to use chloraltipide, if the vinegar does not treat the problem. The bleach cleanser kills the bacteria in the washing machine, the bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors, by adding four cups of bleach to the empty washing machine, as well as a couple of hot water, and running the wash cycle as usual.

Important guidelines
It is essential to keep the washing machine clean by following the following guidelines:
| The washing machine filter is cleaned continuously, preventing the accumulation of small pieces inside, such as clothing buttons.
| An old toothbrush is used to remove the residue in the washing machine drawer from detergents.
| Wipe the outer part of the washing machine, by a piece of cloth, wet with a detergent.

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