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Hygiene Promoter

Job description
Job Title        : Hygiene Promoter
Reports to       : Field Coordinator in South of Jordan
Duty Station    : INTERSOS field office in Karak including southern governorate of Ma’an a
Position Type   : Full Time
Duration of Contract: 4 months
Key responsibilities:
Under the supervision of the Field Coordinator in South of jordan the two hygiene promoters (one boy and one girl) – one team – have to work closely with communities for the establishment of WASH and sanitation facilities in the operation areas. 
They have to be aware on the specific risks and threatens in the areas in order to reduce the risk of water and sanitation related communicable diseases by promoting good hygiene practice in communities. 
A hygiene promoter provides a range of simple but effective services to enhance body hygiene, especially for young children and the aged, who are most at risk of contracting communicable diseases such as flu, typhoid, and dysentery, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
As a hygiene promoters, they should sensitize the community on the importance of good hygiene, the dangers of poor hygiene, and the best methods of preventing these dangers. Such responsibility may involve simple methods such as teaching them how to prepare and store food, how to treat drinking water, how to dispose waste, and how to react to disease outbreaks.
In this project the Hygiene promoters have to provide the basic and essencial hygiene practice to the beneficiaries especially to the children in the school, in order to reduce the risks of con
Duties and responsibilities:
•    Ensure the inclusion of hygiene promotion in all water and sanitation activities
•    Strengthen the capacity of the WASH actors in Hygiene Promotion
•    Harmonise approaches and encourage adherence to best practice
•    Strengthen monitoring of Hygiene Promotion, including measurement of impact
•    To conduct participatory approach in promoting good water, sanitation and hygiene practices in targeted area
•    To conduct participatory monitoring of water and sanitation facilities usage, maintenance and cleaning with community
•    To inform local authority and health department if there is outbreak in community that requires immediate response
•    To document schedule plan, field report and update to Project Manager in timely manner
Job Requirements:
  • ToT in hygiene promotion or University degree on health/WASH or related topics University;
  • From 1-2 years of experience in related sectors, including at least one (1) year of experience humanitarian organization;
  • Extensive field experience and an in–depth knowledge of refugees assistance issues;
  • Proven staff training skills and capacities in developing training curricula;
  • Strong communication and reporting skills;
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to manage efficiently multiple priorities, deadlines and tasks;
  • Excellent organisational, teambuilding and participatory training skills and experience is required, as well as ability to work as part of a team;
  • Ability to work under high pressure and with flexibility;
  • Excellent time management skills and resourcefulness with attention to details;
  • Good command of written and spoken English.
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