Intensify and stretch the eyelashes with eggs … The result is guaranteed 100%


Intensify and stretch the eyelashes with eggs … The result is guaranteed 100%

The thick and long eyelashes magnify the eye and add to its attractiveness. But there are several factors that reduce the hair follicles and shorten, such as: aging, genetic problems, and hormonal changes. Which makes many ladies use false eyelashes. As eyelashes are not the solution, you know the most important mistakes you make and hurt your eyes. Discover the fastest natural blend to lengthen and thicken eyelashes.
Eyelashes need careful attention, especially in the choice of lotions. Some of the ingredients you use, such as sirs, contain allergens, which causes the eyelashes to wear. The adhesive used to apply false eyelashes blocks the pores of the skin, preventing them from breathing, thus ensuring the necessary protection for the eyelashes. We recommend that you use false eyelashes only when necessary and on occasion. More importantly, remove the make-up thoroughly before bedtime. Apply the eye makeup remover to a rounded cotton and remove the make-up with a horizontal movement from the corner of the inner eye to the outside. Never rub your eyes, this movement will certainly cause you to fall a lot of hair. Then you can comb your eyelashes with a clean mascara brush and massage your eyelashes line. As for your diet, it must be rich in proteins to provide for the internal treatment of your body.
If you stick to the previous advice, you will certainly reduce the fatigue of the eyelashes, but to intensify and stretch them you need an egg mix that will give you amazing results.

Egg yolks to lengthen and thicken lashes:
This mixture is based on egg yolks rich in vitamin E and omega-3 fats and micronutrients, which helps to combat dry and fragile eyelashes. It also strengthens capillaries.
– Heat an egg in a bowl and remove the yolk with a spoon.
– Put the yolk in another bowl and add 5 drops of almond oil
– Mix well
– Use a clean mascara brush, cover it with your lashes
– Repeat this step several times to make sure that all the bristles have absorbed the mixture
– Wait until the mixture dries
– Wash your eyes with cold water
You can adopt this mixture 3 times a week 100% guaranteed results.




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