وظائف شاغرة لدى منظمة اغاثة ايطالية لاغاثة اللاجئين للتخصصات التالية

وظائف شاغرة لدى منظمة اغاثة ايطالية لاغاثة اللاجئين للتخصصات التالية

تعلن منظمة  INTERSOS للاغاثة عن حاجتها الى :

Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator
Job Title:          Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator
Duty Station:   Amman, with travel to northern, center and southern governorates when needed
Report to:        MEAL Manager
Status:             Collaborator/Fulltime
INTERSOS is an independent Italian non-profit humanitarian organization committed to assist the victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts. Its activities are based on the principles of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equality of rights and opportunities, and respect for diversity and coexistence, paying special attention to the most vulnerable and unprotected people.
INTERSOS has been present in Jordan since 2007, with its main office in Amman and programs of activities all over the country in support of Iraqi refugees. Since 2012 Intersos is partnering with several donors, among which UNICEF, DG-ECHO and OCHA in assisting refugees from Syria and most vulnerable among Jordanian population.
The M&E Coordinator is responsible for collecting, analysing, monitoring and evaluating data on the activities implemented under different programmes/projects by the team deployed in Irbid, Amman, Ma’an and Karak Governorates as well as reporting to direct supervisor, ensuring accountability and efficiency of the established data collection system and of the related findings and results.
  • Responsible to plan, coordinate and monitor own work plan and those under his supervision, according to established priorities and work plans.
  • Ensures regular coordination with Field Coordinators (North/South/Central) to guarantee accurate information gathering, storage and reporting according to the Data Protection Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) endorsed at Mission level.
  • Support the strengthening and improvement of the information/data registration system currently in place in the field, through the implementation of ad hoc tools and instruments.
  • Coordinates with UNHCR and UNICEF relevant officials in checking and uploading data in Activity Info and RAIS database system.
  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining the program and projects monitoring and evaluation plans, according to the project document log frames and indicators.
  • Responsible for establishing and overseeing the processing of personal data, to ensure that both the Data Entries and the Master databases are properly filed and organized.
  • Responsible for organizing, filing and guarantying confidentiality of documents and forms used to collect sensitive data cording to Protection of Data SOPs adopted at mission level.
  • Responsible for preparing consolidated progress reports for program and project activities including achievements challenges and lessons learned to be shared with the supervisor on a regular basis.
  • Actively participate in coordination mechanism/national trainings and relevant coordination meetings for M&E purpose, according to the suggestion recommendation of the supervisor.
  • Evaluates the impact of INTERSOS program, by collecting and analyzing data, based on which, providing solid analysis of: needs and gaps in specific areas of the Kingdom; impact of the ongoing projects and program; possible way forward.
  • Guarantees regular presence in the field in order to monitor and evaluate INTERSOS ongoing program.
  • Perform any other tasks requested by the direct supervisor in the framework of the activities foreseen by INTERSOS program in Jordan.
  • University degree in statistics, information management, social science, demography, social studies, or any related field;
  • Ideally at least 3 years of experience in humanitarian sector and progressive responsibility;
  • Extensive field experience and an in–depth knowledge of refugees assistance issues;
  • Proven experience with strategic planning approaches, design and implementation of M&E system, methods and approaches and data analysis;
  • Proficiency  in Windows, MS-Office and software for creating and managing databases (Database Management System Applications);
  • Proven experience in dealing with local authorities, community members and local partners;
  • Strong competency in logistics principles and processes;
  • Strong communication and reporting skills;
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to manage efficiently multiple priorities, deadlines and tasks;
  • Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills;
  • Excellent organizational, teambuilding and participatory training skills and experience is required, as well as ability to work as part of a team;
  • Ability to work under high pressure and with flexibility;
  • Excellent time management skills and resourcefulness with attention to details.
  • Fluency in English;
  • Knowledge of software programming is an asset.
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