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وظائف رنود

مطلوب كبير مهندسي تخطيط الصيانة لدى شركة زلاف ليبيا للتنقيب وإنتاج النفط والغاز

مطلوب كبير مهندسي تخطيط الصيانة لدى شركة زلاف ليبيا للتنقيب وإنتاج النفط والغاز

Senior Maintenance Planning Engineer Specialist

Job Title: Planning Engineer

Company: Zallaf Libya Company for Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Department: Operation

Roles &Responsibilities

·        Associate Degree in Technology, Preferably Mechanical Engineering

·        Minimum of ten 10 years of experience in areas of Oil industrial,

·        Acknowledge in planning Maintenance

·        Computer Maintenance Management system, SAP, Word, Excel.

·        Technical Maintenance Experience


Job responsibilities and tasks:

. Create the work flow needed to implement maintenance planning on SAP application.

·        Plan the maintenance works estimating and identifying the resources and the necessary personnel.

·        Prepare daily / weekly work itinerary, record the work to be done and the time estimates to complete them.

·        Record in work schedule the execution status of each job, the current execution time and the extra time required if applicable.

إقرأ أيضا:مطلوب موظفه استقبال

·        Support the project engineering section in the coordination of activities involving maintenance personnel.

·        Ensure that maintenance orders have been properly completed, verify if the technician suggests performing additional activities on the maintained equipment and originate corrective maintenance orders if necessary.

·        Support the maintenance superintendent in the approval of preventive maintenance orders.

·        Verify availability of materials and parts in the warehouse as part of the planning of preventive works and on demand.

·        Report parts of the warehouse that are not available Stock Room, generate requisitions to enter new parts required in the warehouse and follow up the warehouse personnel until receiving the requested parts and / or materials.

·        Originate purchase requisitions for materials that are not available in the warehouse Stock Room.

·        Keep track of purchase orders and assist the staff in tracking suppliers and regularly report the effectiveness of materials dispatch.

·        Originate, review and print work orders for corrective maintenance for maintenance groups.

إقرأ أيضا:وظائف للجنسين في شركة في القطيف

·        Plan emergency work during non-working hours, on holidays, during weekends or when necessary.


Work Location: Tripoli office then will be relocated to the field in the future

Seniority Level



  • Oil & Energy

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Management
  • Manufacturing

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